Ants Control: A Professional Approach

Ants are living in colonies which include females, which never leave the nest because their main job is to lay eggs. Worker ants finding the food for females the queen. Before moving to another place scout ants will appear first to check whether there is enough food or not. Based on their report all their family will move to your place.

How can we control the Ants?

It is important to keep clean your place and make sure that there is no crumbs left on the table or other places. Ants are settling those apartments and houses in Dubai where it is easy to get food. Ants are making their house close to water and food can be behind the bathrooms, behind the sink, underneath of tile, any other crack or craves in the places. Call the professional guy to do the inspection to identify the sources and they will help you with ant extermination.

How to kill the Ants in your Garden in Dubai?

Ants problems in certain areas like your garden areas, surrounding of side walk, in the garbage room, children play areas, surrounding of your villa in Dubai you can call the professional ants exterminator for your support by treating insecticidal treatment. Professional ants controller can use granular bait or powder for ants to control it from their colonies.

When you are doing the ants treatment in Dubai, try to book the schedule with morning time or in the late afternoon time that ants are more active.

How to control the ants in your Kitchen areas?

Most of the villa kitchen or out houses in Dubai having ants issues which can controlled by the application of gel without removing any items from your cup boards. Ants are drawn in the sweet gel which is then carried to the nest for the queen to feast. This gel bait poses no threats to human being, children and pet animals at your home

Professional Ants Extermination

All the above methods can be applied with the help of a professional exterminator, and they are able to give the recommendation after the inspection to your premises. Well trained and professional exterminator like Alpha Arabian in Dubai can easily solve your ants problem.


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