Cat Control

Cat Control

Cat Control

Alpha Arabian pest control services offers safe and effective Cat Control Services in Dubai. We employs a variety of methods to humanely manage cat populations and prevent future infestations. Controlling cat infestation is crucial for maintaining a safe and healthy environment for both humans and felines. As populations continually grow with an increase in the urbanization process, the issue of stray cats and cat infestations has become common in most areas.

It is essential to seek professional help in managing cat populations to prevent property damage, health risks, and discomfort. In addition, rescuing stray cat is important in a highly populated countries like UAE. Alpha Arabian Pest control services are one of the leading pest management companies to tackle your cat infestation problem effectively.

Our Approach to Cat Control:

Trapping and Removal: We use specialized cat cages to safely capture and remove stray cats from your premises. These cats are then transported to a veterinarian clinic for sterilization (for females) and neutering (for males), as well as general health exams. For identification purposes, an ear cut is performed, ensuring future recognition. Afterward, the cats are brought back to the premises.

Relocation: The remaining stray cats are collected using cat cages and released in different locations that provide shelter, food, and water. This helps ensure their well-being while reducing the population in your area.

Cat Feeding Areas: To discourage cats from gathering in guest activity areas, The team of Animal control servicescreates designated feeding places within your premises, away from human interactions.

Signage: The expert team of cat control services set a signboard around guest activity areas, clearly indicating that cat feeding is not allowed. This helps raise awareness and prevent unintentional feeding.

Accidental Encounters: If a stray cat enters your area accidentally, The team of Cat Control Services will promptly collect and relocate it to a faraway location where shelter, food, and water are available.

Why Choose our cat control services?

Compliance: Alpha Arabian Pest Control Services follows latest rules and regulations set by the Dubai Municipality’s Veterinarian Section for minimizing the number of stray cats.

Expertise: With years of experience,  Alpha Arabian Pest Control Services in Dubai possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively handle cat infestation situations. We prioritize humane methods and the well-being of both cats and humans.

Customized Solutions: We, the professionals of Animal control services in Dubai  collaborate with you to develop a specialized solution that satisfies your unique requirements and budget.

Safe and Effective: We focus on  non-hazardous methods, such as mechanical cage traps, to ensure the safety of both humans and cats. Poison bait is strictly prohibited as a control measure.


Cat Cages
Cat in shelter

If you’re dealing with cat infestations or need assistance in managing, contact Alpha Arabian Pest Control services and take the right step in protecting your property from cats. Our reliable and professional services will help create a safe and comfortable environment for you and your community.


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