Rat Control

Rat Control Service/Rodent Control Service

Rat Control

Alpha Arabian Pest Control Company in Dubai offers effective rat control service at affordable prices. Our pest control services ensure your home is free from rats, mice, and rodents — further stops them from returning. 

We offer professional Rodent control service across UAE  to solve rat infestation in your property. Through our service you must swiftly protect your property and the safety of your family. Alpha Arabian Pest Control Services offers rat control solutions that are both effective and dependable for both residential and commercial properties.

Through Alpha Arabian Rat Control Service in Dubai, we prioritize the safety of our customers and the environment. Professional trainers tackle rat infestation effectively and safely. We understand the unique challenges posed by rats and have developed comprehensive strategies to eliminate them from your premises. The most effective rodent control strategy is prevention through cleanliness and exclusion.


Rat Trapping

Mouse Trap

Our Rat Control Service in Dubai focuses on trapping, considered the safest and most effective method for rat/mice control. Unlike poison baits, traps are used repeatedly and are less costly in the long run. Our experts are skilled at carefully positioning traps in remote locations where rats have moved about and looked for refuge. We prioritize the safety catch and removal of rats without causing harm to them or your property using our compassionate method.


Glue Boards

Rat Glue Board

While glue traps are commonly used for mice and are less effective for capturing rats. If using glue boards, it is important to note that trapped rats do not die quickly, necessitating humane methods to euthanize them. Rats caught in glue traps can struggle for extended periods, potentially causing distress and making it necessary to deliver a swift and humane blow to the base of the skull to ensure a quick death.



Rat poison Bait

When the rat infestation around a building is high or a constant rodent infestation from neighboring regions, baiting is required for effective control. However, rodenticides are used with caution since they can harm humans, pets, and non-target animals. Strongly advised to contact our licensed pest control services in Dubai for the safe and correct application of rodenticides. Bait formulations containing attractants are often food-based and put within tamper-resistant rodent bait stations to prevent children, pets, and non-target animals from accessing the bait. Bait formulations containing attractants, typically food-based placed within tamper-resistant rodent bait stations to prevent access by children, pets, and non-target animals.


 Proper Bait Placement and Use of Bait Stations

Rat bait stations

When using rodenticide baits, it is essential to follow label directions carefully. It should use for all outdoor, above-ground applications to increase safety and keep the bait away from unintended targets. These provide a secure feeding environment for rats and should place in their travel paths and near burrows. It is important to position bait stations where rats are likely to encounter them, such as against walls or along travel routes. For Norway rats, bait stations should place near their burrows, while for roof rats, elevated locations like tree branches, and fences are ideal. Keep in mind that rats exhibit initial suspicion towards new objects, so it takes a few days for them to enter and feed in the bait stations. Our licensed pest control company in UAE and our trained applicators handle and deploy these baits safely.

Alpha Arabian pest Control Company in UAE prioritize your safety and the well-being of your property. We adhere strictly to label directions and follow the latest industry guidelines to ensure responsible and effective rodent control service in Dubai. Our technicians are experienced in working with both Norway rats and roof rats, placing bait stations strategically near burrows, nesting sites, and travel routes

Do you want Rat control service?

Alpha Arabian is one of the best Pest Control company in Dubai offering affordable Rodent Control services. Our staffs are trained professionals who will certainly give you the best results. If you are facing rat infestation, don’t allow it to threaten your peace of mind and your premises.

If any pest infestation happens, contact our professional Pest Control Services in Dubai for free infestation report or site inspection. We offer Expert Rodent control service in Dubai to solve your rat/mice/rodent infestation issues.

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