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Why lizard control is more important among pest treatments in Dubai?

Suffering from Herpetophobia and need to eliminate lizards from your Dubai home? Lizard control is vital in Dubai to combat lizard infestations that often stem from untidy homes and leftover food. These pesky creatures are not only annoying but also bring other insects into your living space, leading to potential health issues. Lizards tend to hide behind doors and shelves in cluttered surroundings, making them hard to get rid of. 

Lizards, although typically harmless creatures that feed on flies, ants, and small insects, can potentially carry germs such as salmonella that pose health risks. Moreover, with climate conditions and the presence of shelter, water, and food in our homes, these reptiles are a common sight. Our high-grade lizard control services not only prevent lizard infestations but also focus on other pest treatments in Dubai, ensuring your home remains pest-free and a pleasant place to live. With over a decade of experience in lizard control services, we offer the most effective and budget-friendly pest treatments in Dubai. 

How to Remove Lizards from Your Home

Alpha Arabian provides a range of equipment and materials for professional pest treatments in Dubai:

  • Pressure Pump Sprayer: Used to apply treatments effectively.
  • Chemicals: Safe and efficient chemicals for lizard elimination.
  • Lizard Repellent Granules: Prevent lizards from returning.
  • Pest Sprays and Granules: Added protection against pests.
  • Aerosol: Targeted application for optimal results.
  • Lizard Control Traps: Safely capture and remove lizards.

Why Choose a professional pest controller in Dubai?

Calling a professional pest controller in Dubai is crucial for several reasons:

  • Annoyance reduction: Lizards scurrying around your apartment can be annoying, especially if you have small children or pets. A professional pest controller in Dubai can help you to restore peace.
  • Disease prevention: Lizards can carry harmful bacteria that contaminate food and surfaces. Professional removal reduces the risk of disease transmission.
  • Pest population control: Lizards are drawn to places with insect infestations. Removing lizards can help decrease overall pest populations in your home.
  • Enhanced home appearance: Nobody wants lizards in their home. Eliminating them can create a healthier, more pleasant living atmosphere.

Advantages of professional  lizard control services

Choosing Alpha Arabian for pest control in Dubai offers several benefits:

  • Nuisance Avoidance: Our services effectively eliminate lizards, preventing them from disrupting your home life.
  • Disease Transmission Prevention: We prioritize your health by reducing the risk of diseases carried by lizards.
  • Comprehensive Pest Control: Our approach also targets other pests, ensuring your home remains pest-free.

What more? 

Lizards are the most common pests in Dubai because they are small, fast, and like to hide in tricky spots, making it hard to get them out. Plus, they multiply quickly. Effective control methods and professional pest treatments in Dubai are essential to maintain a healthy living environment.


 Alpha Arabian’s expertise and equipment make your top choice for combating lizard infestations and other pest problems. Contact a professional pest controller in Dubai to regain a pest-free, peaceful home from lizard infestations.



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