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Ants Control: A Professional Approach

Ants are living in colonies which include females, which never leave the nest because their main job is to lay eggs. Worker ants finding the food for females the queen. Before moving to another place scout ants will appear first to check whether there is enough food or not. Based on their report all their family will move to your place.

How can we control the Ants?

It is important to keep clean your place and make sure that there is no crumbs left on the table or other places. Ants are settling those apartments and houses in Dubai where it is easy to get food. Ants are making their house close to water and food can be behind the bathrooms, behind the sink, underneath of tile, any other crack or craves in the places. Call the professional guy to do the inspection to identify the sources and they will help you with ant extermination.

How to kill the Ants in your Garden in Dubai?

Ants problems in certain areas like your garden areas, surrounding of side walk, in the garbage room, children play areas, surrounding of your villa in Dubai you can call the professional ants exterminator for your support by treating insecticidal treatment. Professional ants controller can use granular bait or powder for ants to control it from their colonies.

When you are doing the ants treatment in Dubai, try to book the schedule with morning time or in the late afternoon time that ants are more active.

How to control the ants in your Kitchen areas?

Most of the villa kitchen or out houses in Dubai having ants issues which can controlled by the application of gel without removing any items from your cup boards. Ants are drawn in the sweet gel which is then carried to the nest for the queen to feast. This gel bait poses no threats to human being, children and pet animals at your home

Professional Ants Extermination

All the above methods can be applied with the help of a professional exterminator, and they are able to give the recommendation after the inspection to your premises. Well trained and professional exterminator like Alpha Arabian in Dubai can easily solve your ants problem.


Cleaning and Sanitization are Essential Pillars of Pest Management.

Sanitization is a protection strategy to safe your place against pest infestation and other threats. Whenever you want to do a pest control to achieve some goals like prevention, suppression and eradication of pest etc.

Sanitization is a main Component in Pest Management

One of the fundamentals of a successful pest control companies to ensure the hygienic conditions throughout the facility. A properly sanitized facility will create relationship between customers and clients. To achieve this must have a effective pest management program in place like proper clean up, removal of garbage on frequent interval, sanitization services and proper maintenance.

Pest Can carriers of Diseases

Some pest infestations to commercial establishment to risk and dangers by spreading the virus and bacteria’s thorough out the facility. Employees and customers chance to exposure to different diseases and health issues

  • German and American Cockroaches are a leading contributor of Allergies and Asthma
  • Mosquitoes and Rodents are main carriers of Virus and spreading it fast.
  • Bird flue virus can occur in humans with low risk level.

This is only a sample list of potential health issues from unsanitary conditions and with the result of pests. This Prevention criteria should be performed on regular interval to maintain effective pest Management.

Cleaning & Pest Management

Rodents’ infestation can cause damage to premises, cutting the cables and electrical wires and Files. Insects can get into computer hardware by increasing the bijection Work place is not properly cleaned and maintained it can be a playground for pests.

Bugs and mice can attract birds and snake also attracted due to small rodents. It is very important to break the cycle before it is coming by keeping effective pest control with the help of proper cleaning schedule with regal intervals.

ALPHA ARABIAN provides professional Pest Control and Cleaning services with the help of education of people to maintain the houses and workplace with proper hygiene and sanitization. Maintaining proper cleaning schedules and proper waste disposal schedules result in productive Pest Management.

Tips to Prevent Pest

  • Seal the point of entry in the premises like cracks, crevice’s, holes, gaps between windows and doors, Electrical wires and pipes.
  • Avoid the spillage of water near toilets, wash rooms, kitchen surrounding and other areas to avoid the attraction of birds and other animals .
  • All water leakages required to repair immediately. This include condensation dripping from cold water lines and can be corrected with foam insulated water line covers.
  • Begin your prevention programme by removing the essential need of Pest and rodents like food, water and shelter.
  • Focus on cleaning specially lunch rooms, pantry, kitchen, garbage rooms to avoid infestations.

The Connection Between Cleaning & Pest Control

All areas of workplace and residential places including outdoor spaces need to be well maintained and ensure that do not attract any Pest. Water attracts mosquitoes and flies. Dusty items and carton items that is not using is an essential place for mice’s and rodents. Gardens with long grasses are suitable place for rodents and snakes. Messy kitchen are the ideal breeding ground for cockroaches and flies. Due to the shortage of life cycle insects have an active existence and quickly moving from one place to another. When cockroaches or flies come in contact with food and bringing unwanted germs which can result in illness.

Sanitization and Cleaning playing an effective role in Professional pest Management. Call Alpha Arabian for getting Effective Pest Control and Hygienic Solutions

Protect your family with the help of honeybee control and by beehive removal

Honey Bees

They are pollinators and making honey for feeding their younger ones in winter season. Their colony can survive for many years. Honey bee colony size gets too large for the available space and the queen begin to wane. New queens are produced and old queen leaves with large number of workers to make new colony. The common honey bees colony swarms only once in 12 months and some of them produce two swarms each time.


Honey bees are not aggressive and not searching to attack anyone.They are defensive and ready to attack when they feel that their colony is facing a threaten.

Bee Hive

Swarms are moving to a tree branch at first time. These swarms are staying there about 48 hours until the permanent quarters are located to move on.Permament Quarters consists of bee hive, hollow tree,attic,hollow wall,windows,balcony whether they are getting shelter from weather.


Queen is laying one egg in the hive and she mates only once. She can lay as 1500 to 2000 eggs per day and they living as long as five years. The queen producing pheromones which is controlling the production of new queens and developing different workers. The young workers caring the young and building the comb, hive ventilation and guard the entrance.


Bee workers have stingers with poison and associated tissues are torn from the bee body.If the stinger is not removed immediately muscle contractions will drive the stinger deeper and deeper in to skin. This stinger giving a pheromone which attract other honey bees to giving an alarm to attack immediately. So immediate stinger is honeybee is highly recommended.

The normal reaction to bee stings is local pain for a few minutes followed by swelling at the sting site. People have allergic to insects sting will have a more severe reaction.

Honeybee Control

A specialist should handle the honey bee treatment because honey bee colonies are large. Only professional person can safely remove bee nest because bees are more and aggressive in nature. Pest Control technician can remove it with professional equipment by effectively and safely.

Insecticidal Treatment

The nest sometimes located on the wall. Insecticides can be applied on the nest by using the high pressure pump. Very effective insecticides are available in the market to remove them effectively with help of trained technicians. Best time to eliminate them is afternoon time when they are at home. Nest can be removed safely after eliminating the bees.

Beehive Removal

If the nest is left after the treatment could melt and can be infested with larva and bacteria. If there is lot of honey it can be penetrate through the walls. After the treatment with elimination of bees professional pest control technicians can easily remove the bee hive to safe place or to garbage. Always use Alpha Arabian in Dubai for removing the bee hive in your places.

A Short explanation to Fumigation

Fumigation is a method using by pest control companies in Dubai to kill the crawling and flying insects in a space inside the container or ware house or vessel. Fumigation carried out for cargo items for shipment is called ship hold fumigation or cargo fumigation which is protecting the items from damage and preventing the spread of pest from one place to another through the shipment.

Why Fumigation is more important?

  • Giving Long term Pest Management
  • Improving customer perception
  • Reducing the waste

Fumigation is protecting the public health by giving long term pest management solution. Pest moving from one country to another became a treat to ecological balance and making it imperative to prevent the spreading of insects. It also helps to prevent the movement of disease causing insects without affecting the public health.

In effective fumigation can damage the reputation of the producer and cause them to lose the buyers. So professional fumigation process is essential to ensure the customer safety, public safety, product quality and getting a reputation to company in the market.

Pest can damage the food quality during the shipping and they making big lose to producer. A streamlined and professional fumigation Company will make a massive change in the economy and in quality of items and public health.

Advantages of Fumigation

1.Can reach to hidden areas

Fumigation can be reach and penetrate to all the hidden areas rather than visible part of a property by spray treatments. Spray treatment have limitation to reach the hidden and hiding places.

2 It is an efficient method and Fast method

It is making benefits to business owners as it is efficient and quick and it is considering as most effective method of killing the termites. Due to this reason pest fumigation Dubai is increasing day by day

3.Saving the Time and Resources

You will be saving the money through fumigation even if the cost is more in the beginning. It will help you to save the money in long term and no need to spend further with your infestation.

Termite infestation will be permanently going by fumigation if the procedure and techniques are applying correctly and effectively by using repeatedly Alpha Arabian Pest Control offers the best pest control in Dubai. Our fumigation services are carried out by experienced and licensed professionals with good knowledge. To schedule an inspection, please contact us right away.


Why does Public Health and Safety focus on annual pest management contracts in Dubai?

Dubai takes pride in its modern infrastructure, bustling economy, and unwavering dedication to public health and safety. To ensure the well-being of residents and visitors, the Dubai Municipality has enforced strict pest management standards in the region. An integral part of these regulations is the mandate for annual pest contracts. This blog discusses the importance of annual pest contracts in Dubai and their contribution to public health and safety.

The Scope of Annual Pest Management Contracts

Annual pest management contracts in Dubai encompass range of services for controlling pests that threaten public health and safety. These contracts cover the following aspects:

• Control of Disease-Carrying Pests: Conducting annual contracts to address the presence of disease-carrying insects, such as rodents, mosquitoes, flies, and other insects that transmit illnesses, plays a critical role in preventing the spread of diseases.

• Management of Poisonous Pests: Dubai’s unique environment is home to various poisonous pests, including snakes, scorpions, spiders, wasps, bees, and troublesome birds. Pest control contracts ensure these potentially hazardous creatures managed effectively to minimize risks to human safety.

Types of Contracts

To cater to the diverse needs of different establishments in Dubai, pest management contracts are categorized into two main types:

1. Contracts with Food Establishments: Food establishments, such as hotels, cafés, restaurants, supermarkets, bakeries, and food production facilities, must establish agreements for controlling pests. These agreements generally involve scheduled inspections monthly to uphold food safety and cleanliness standards.

2. Contracts with Non-Food Establishments: Non-food establishments, like labor camps, laundry facilities, salons, nurseries, schools, day-care centers, construction sites, and warehouses, are also required to establish agreements for pest control. These agreements generally include regular inspection each month to handle potential pest issues.

Documentation and Reporting

Maintaining proper records and documentation is a crucial aspect of annual pest management contracts in Dubai. Companies providing pest management services are required to keep the following documents:

1. Contract Copy: A copy of the signed agreement between the service provider and the establishment.

2. Trap Location Maps: Detailed maps illustrating the trap locations used for pest control.

3. Supervisor Contact Details: Contact information for the supervisor responsible for pest control.

4. Technical Service Reports: Comprehensive reports that detail the services rendered, including the pest control measures implemented during each visit.

5. Pesticide Details: Documentation about the pesticides used with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and registration certificates proving their safe and responsible use.

Advantages of Choosing Alpha Arabian for Pest Management Contracts

When it comes to selecting a pest management partner in Dubai, Alpha Arabian stands out for several reasons:

1. Expertise and Quality Care: Alpha Arabian’s professionals deliver expert pest control services, prioritizing high-quality, tailored care for each customer.

2. Safety and Inspection: Alpha Arabian provides pest management services and also offers valuable safety advice and inspections. They provide free recommendations to maintain pest-free premises.

3. Immediate Action: Alpha Arabian’s dedicated team ensures prompt responses to any pest-related issues, safeguarding the health and well-being of occupants.

           Annual pest management contracts in Dubai are the essential components of the city’s infrastructure, driven by a commitment to public health and safety. These contracts act as a protective shield against disease-carrying and poisonous pests while upholding hygiene standards in both food and non-food establishments. Choosing a reputable provider like Alpha Arabian guarantees professionalism, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to safety, collectively contributing to a healthier and safer Dubai for all residents and visitors.


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