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Food Business and Service Providers should Register

Food watch platform is developed by Municipality in Dubai to Facilitate the data exchange between government authorities, Food and Beverages manufacturing units like factories, Restaurant,Cafeterias, supermarkets etc and service providers like Pest Control, Grease Trap Cleaning and other consumers by digital monitoring technique with customized applications.

What is the use of Food Watch

Food watch is working with smart food safety management system. This platform is providing full traceability of food, ingredients and nutrition’s information. This platform will provide a unique experience to all smart contracts, customized applications and services providers based on their requirements.

How Pest Control Companies and food business can register with food watch

You can send a mail to [email protected] by mentioning the requirements. You will get a reply with a link to register your company with following documents like Company Trade License,food safety documents, other address details.Later you will receive a link to verify your email along with confirmation of registration with payment link. Once you will pay by clicking the link you will complete the registration process

What is the Importance of Food Watch

Food safety checking is very important for a good safety management system.lot of follow up visit and paper works need to carried out to ensure this to work it perfectly. This digital inspection tool on food watch will connect to ensure that follow ups visit and records at the same time.It will help to food safety within in your premises and also to manage your service providers like suppliers, maintenance ,delivery team contractors, third party vendors and national pest control companies in Dubai.

How to Implement the Food watch in your organizations

A person in your organization has to ensure that your premises are hygienic and clean before yu start the operations.This will help to check the entire areas,floor walls,ceilings,equipments and other asurrounding.If you found any pest issues during your checking, contact your pest control contractor to do the necessary follow up actions. Also need to check all the staff in your organization having personal hygiene and make sure that they are maintaining it.

How to get ISPM 15 Certification in Dubai

Process of ISPM Certification in UAE

For getting the ISPM 15 certification, wood must be heat treated and fumigated under the standards, it should heat treated to 56 degree Celsius to the core for half an hour or  It can be fumigated with methyl bromide.

Definition of ISPM

International standard for phytosanitary measures (ISPM) making the application of phytosanitary measures in international trade and developed through a drafting and consultation process by parties of international plant protection Convention (IPPC). Most of the world Trade organisation(WTO) members are encouraged to establish national measures consistent with the ISPM made by IPPC

ISPM 15 is the international standard for regulating the movement of timber packaging and dunnage through international trade and aiming to protect the infestation of timber pest.

How long is ISPM 15 accreditation valid and treatment effective for?

ISMP 15 marked solid timber packaging make sure that no alteration made to the packaging. ISPM 15 treatments only killing the present at the time of treatment and it is not providing permanent protection against pest

What kind of wood packaging materials are used for ISPM15 standards?

Both softwood and hardwoods materials affected by the regulation including dunnage,pellets,crates,reels,drums and load boards.The regulation is not able to apply to wood packing material made from wood that is processed with free of pest such as plywood, oriented strand board,particle board which has been created using glue,pressure,heat etc.

International standard for phytosanitary maintained by the international Plant protection convention that need to treat the wood material with thickness more than 6mm when used to ship the products between the countries. Its main aim to prevent the international transmission of diseases and pest that affect plant or ecosystem. Wood which is originating from living or dead trees are infested with pests.Wood packing material made up of raw wood not undergoing process or treatment to kill the pests.

RESY European union and IPPC and many other organizations and countries related to wood and wooden products crossing the border. These regulations include wooden shipping components and pallets.

AE – indicates a two letter country code.
054 – indicates treatment provider’s license number. The number of letters or digits may vary according to each country.
HT – indicates that Heat Treatment has taken place.

Most of the Company using Heat Treatment for Wood Packaging material(WPM).Why?

Only Two reason for Heat Treatments

1.Methyle bromide is used out due to its toxicity and making issues to ozone level depletion

2.The Chemical creates potential legal liability for shipper and us.The manufacture and the employees and all human who come in contact during shipping loading and uploading process.Heat treatment is comparatively effective and safe and have no legal implications. Shipment will not get any delay in port due to ISPM concerns.

ISPM applicable for both softwood and hardwood which is used for raw material,wood packing material.This is not applicable for manufactured wood products such as particle board,chipboard,oriented strand wood,presswood plywood,veneer,high density fibre boards and medium density fiber or the products created using the combination of heat and pressure

Identification of Termites in your villa in Dubai

Termites are difficult to deal with because they are usually not discovered until after they have caused significant damage and established colonies. These colonies have thousands of termites, making it very difficult to get rid of them without professional help. If termites are found in your home, start taking preventative action immediately.

Signs of termite infestation in your home

Termite infestation generally goes undetected until significant damage has been done. They are difficult to locate until they cause a loss because they reside in a dark, moist, and interior environment.It is challenging to spot a termite infestation as termites eat their way through the wood from the inside. It’s time to use remedies for termite control whenever you observe these symptoms and signs.

To begin with, there can be termite swarmers, tiny flying insects, hovering close to your windows and leaving behind their lost wings. However, you must look for early damage to identify whether they have entered your property.

1. Mud tubes on the wall

Mud tubes, which are about the size of a penny and often extend from the ground along the wall as the most obvious sign of a termite infestation. To secretly travel to and from the food source, subterranean termites build cover tubes out of mud, dirt, and other materials. Mud tubes are another indication that their nest is close.

2. Signs of wood damage

After eating wood from the inside out, termites often leave behind a thin veneer of wood or paint. Because some of the wood has been eaten away, a termite-damaged area can sound hollow or papery when you knock or tap on it.

3. Termite swarmers and discarded wings

Swarmers are often one of the first signs of a termite infestation. Swarmers are termites with wings that emerge from nests in massive swarms. Therefore, each swarm symptom indicates the existence of an existing colony or the development of new colonies.
Another common symptom is the presence of abandoned wings on floors and windowsills. Even though they can quickly disappear after they’ve selected their mate, the identical and disembodied wings are clear signs of an indoor termite swarm.

4. Call experts in Dubai

Termite treatment professional Companies in Dubai like Alpha Arabian Cleaning Services are available for customer support. You can call the termite specialist to take their consultation along with the inspection followed by anti-termite treatment.

How termites get into your home

Understanding how and why termites enter homes is crucial if you want to avoid an infestation. Moisture is one of the main elements that lure termites and other pests into your home. Food, moisture, and heat are essential for termite survival.

Typical construction defects near homes, like sloping terrain that might result in puddles near the foundation and air conditioners that produce runoff moisture, can provide termite colonies with a sufficient source of moisture.

Why Organic Pest control is more Important in UAE

Organic pest control in Dubai giving natural eco-friendly pest control solutions and effective pest control methods Most organic pesticides break down naturally, reducing the chance of polluting or contaminating the soil or water in UAE specially in Dubai.

Green Products

In Organic pest control Nontoxic products and biological methods are using to eliminate the pest inside the home and commercial premises. Organic Pesticides contain Essential oil like rosemary oil,geraniol,clove oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, other biological ingredients etc.

Eco Friendly

Organic solutions reduce the risk and harm to people and environment in Dubai.Alpha Arabian Pest control have organic pest control division to educate people and Team to understand the importance of organic pest control and also for developing new methods and products. Normal Pesticides may be effective and harmful to environment, but organic pest control products are more safe and more beneficial for earth.


Organic Pest control products are safe for children, babies, Pregnant ladies and pet animals. In Green organic pest control methods, you don’t need to worry about treatment of your living space poses a threat to your family and home. Organic products are less in allergies compared to chemical-based products.

Protecting your Landscape

Normal Pesticidal spray filled with chemicals have the potential to ruin your garden and landscaping areas, whereas organic pest control solutions are comparatively gentle and eco-friendly. If you are concern with your home landscaping, use organic pest control and your property looks much better and this is the advantage of organic methods.

Reduction of Resistance

All types of insects, pests and rodents have ability to build a resistance against chemicals. This resistance capacity can be passed to another generations of pests through hereditary. The chance of resistance is dramatically reducing when you are using the organic products.

Ecological Sustainability

Eco friendly pest control methods help to maintain the natural food chain. Chemical spray is damaging the natural food chain. These chemicals disturbing the insects as well as brake the food chains and making difficulty to maintain ecological existence. This is the main reason Real estate property Owners, Landscaping companies in Dubai and Alpha Arabian Pest controls are using biological methods.


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