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Professional Assistance for Effective Booklice Control

Booklice known as psocids, are tiny insects commonly found in warm and humid environments such as cupboards, storerooms, and pantries. Despite their misleading name, booklice do not feed on books and are instead attracted to mould, fungi and starch-based materials found in homes. While they are not harmful to humans, their rapid reproductive cycle creates challenges for homeowners as they can multiply quickly and become a nuisance.

To control booklice infestations, Alpha Arabian Booklice Control Services in Dubai offers tailored solutions that can help eliminate these pests from homes. Typically, booklice infestations are eradicated through inspection of the affected area, followed by targeted treatments.

Life Cycle of Booklice

Due to their rapid reproduction and difficulty controlling, booklice infestations can pose a consequential threat. These insects are all female and able to lay eggs without mating. A single female can produce up to 100 eggs, which usually hatch in 2-4 weeks. Booklice go through multiple nymph stages, reaching their adult form in two months under the right conditions. A booklice can live for up to six months in the right environment and reproduce eight generations per year in the right conditions.

Getting professional booklice control in Dubai is crucial if you are experiencing any infestation. Alpha Arabian professional booklice control service in Dubai can safely and effectively eliminate the infestation, identify the source of the problem and guide how to prevent future infestations.

How to Identify Booklice

Identifying a booklice infestation can be tricky due to its small size and elusive behaviour. However, there are several signs to identify the infestation

  • Booklice are agile insects that quickly move when disturbed. If you see tiny bugs scurrying away, it may indicate a booklice infestation.
  • Look for clusters of sticky booklice eggs in damp areas like cupboards, pantries or food storage areas. The eggs are usually laid in groups and stick to surfaces, making them easy to spot upon immediate inspection.
  • Watch for spoiled food or powder near food, especially in damp areas. Booklice eat mould, fungi, and starch, so signs of food damage may mean their presence.

Being vigilant and recognizing these signs can allow you to spot early signs of booklice infestations and address them before they become a substantial problem. In addition to ensuring a healthy living environment, regular inspections and maintenance can prevent booklice infestations.

Eliminating Booklice Infestation

To eliminate booklice, you should take the following steps. 

  • Reduce humidity levels to less than 50% using dehumidifiers and good ventilation, as booklice thrive in moist environments.
  • Seal any leaks or drips to eliminate water sources that may attract booklice.
  • Dispose of booklice-infested food or materials immediately.
  • If things get out of hand, our team of professionals is here to help with safe and effective pest control methods.

 If dealing with booklice, contact a professional pest control service for a solution that eliminates and prevents their return.

Reliable Booklice Control Service in Dubai

Alpha Arabian Professional Booklice Control Services provides safe and tailored solutions to eradicate booklice while prioritizing your safety and the environment. Our approach focuses on reducing moisture levels, conducting regular checks, and providing professional advice to create an inhospitable environment for booklice. Alpha Arabian takes extra care to protect belongings during the pest control process and offers customized services for effective results with minimal disruption.

Protecting your belongings with environmentally friendly methods is one of our specialities. Our team is committed to providing efficient and discreet service while respecting your privacy and schedule.  We understand that no two infestations are the same, which is why we customized our services to address the unique needs of your situation. Alpha Arabian provides customized solutions to meet your specific needs with high levels of professionalism.

Booklice infestations can be challenging to control without professional assistance. Seek Alpha Arabian professional booklice control services in Dubai to eliminate booklice safely and effectively. Our team provides high-quality services to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Contact Alpha Arabian Pest Control Service for reliable Booklice Control Services in Dubai.


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