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Lizard control Services in Dubai

Alpha Arabian pest control services offer the best lizard control services in Dubai because we take care to eliminate the pests while avoiding harming them. Lizards are common pests found in our house and they are considered harmless creatures. Typically, they devour small insects like flies, ants, and other bugs. Despite being completely safe, they can nevertheless be quite harmful because they can turn your food poisoned as well.

Moreover, some people have been suffering from Herpetophobia (fear of reptiles). You’ve come to the right place if you’re having trouble keeping lizards under control in your home or suffer from herpetophobia. Lizards tend to seize opportunities.  The ability of populations to thrive is increased by the presence of gardens, ponds, and streams. The lizards may survive in this environment with the help of sprinkler systems in the gardens and fountains, which is a fantastic chance for lizard pest control services in Dubai.

 Generally speaking, lizards are considered to be benign reptiles that prey on flies, ants, and other common insect pests. Shrubs and flowers in the landscape make great nesting places for them. The same plants may attract lizards because they provide a wonderful source of water during dry seasons or in arid areas when there is a shortage of water. Lizards can typically be found in marshes, rocky terrain, wooded areas, plains, and deserts.

Lizard Infestation

How to manage Lizards Infestation?

Managing lizards can be easily accomplished by following a few steps. Initially, it is recommended to eliminate their food source by conducting minor pest control activities in and around your house. The primary reason lizards choose their home as a nesting site is due to the abundance of insects. To minimize the availability of food for lizards, it is advisable to treat the foundation and surrounding areas of your buildings. This can be achieved by using repellent granules or spray. Additionally, if lizards have entered your home, you may want to consider deploying lizard control traps.

In many instances, spraying your home every 1-2 months will compel bothersome lizards to vacate the premises. Coating the foundation, areas around windows, behind downspouts, around air conditioning units, points where pipes enter or exit your home, and flower beds, among other places, should be part of the spraying process.

Alpha Arabian is one of the leading providers of pest control services in Dubai. For more than ten years, we have provided reptile and lizard control services in Dubai and other regions of the UAE.

Lizard infestation sources:

A disorganized home environment might supply lizards with an abundance of food because they are primarily drawn to food sources. Furthermore, the presence of lizards could draw other insects and flies, which could be dangerous for your health.

  • Cluttered and disorganized surroundings: Lizards tend to hide out in cluttered and disorganized environments, hiding out behind doors, bookcases, and other nooks in your home.
  • Water accessibility: Because of Dubai’s hot climate, lizards frequently seek out locations with easy access to water sources and may as a result invade homes. Stalling water attracts lizards by functioning as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects.

How to Inspect Lizards?

Lizards are a prevalent pest in numerous households. Although generally harmless, they can become bothersome and potentially carry diseases. If you suspect a lizard infestation in your home, there are several measures you can take to validate your suspicions and effectively eliminate them.

Initially, thoroughly examine common hiding spots for lizards, such as underneath furniture, inside closets, and behind appliances. Spotting one lizard indicates the likelihood of others being present as well.

Next, pay attention to potential entry points that lizards may utilize to enter your home, such as open doors and windows, cracks in walls, or holes in screens. Sealing these entry points is crucial to prevent new lizards from gaining access.

Lastly, carefully inspect all screens for any holes or tears. Lizards can squeeze through minuscule openings, so it is important to ensure that all screens are intact and in good condition.

By following these steps, you will be able to confirm the presence of a lizard issue and take appropriate measures to eradicate them effective.

Treatment Options for Lizard Infestation


Evaluation: A member of our staff will visit your property to determine the degree of the lizard infestation. We’ll determine the points of entrance the lizards are using as well as any potential food sources that might be luring them in.

Treatment: After gathering all the essential data, we’ll create a treatment strategy that is unique to your circumstances. This may entail sealing off entry sites, catching and removing any lizards already present, and routine inspections to make sure no new lizards are entering.

Follow-up:  If the lizards have been removed, we will make sure to provide follow-up visits to your property to ensure that they don’t return. We understand that how agitating and dangerous it can be if such situation arises again. So, we will do our best to make sure that they are gone for good.

If you’re wondering how to get rid of lizards in Dubai, We will provide you with the best lizard control services within your budget. Contact Alpha Arabian Lizard Pest Control Services in UAE right away if you’re prepared to get started.


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