Fly Trap/Electronic Flies Killer

Fly Trap/Electronic Flies Killer

Alpha Arabian Pest Control Services offers Fly Trap and Electronic Flies Killer Services in Dubai as effective Solutions for Flies Pest Control. Dealing with flying insects like flies and mosquitoes is a constant battle, especially in regions with warm climates like Dubai. These
pests not only disrupt our comfort but can also pose health risks due to disease transmission.

How Fly Trap and Electronic Flies Killer Work

The Fly Trap and Electronic Flies Killer services employ innovative technology to combat flying pests effectively. Often referred to as “bug zappers”, these services work by utilizing intense UV light to attract flying insects.

Once drawn to the light, the insects come into contact with an electric grid generating up to 2,000 volts or a glue board, quickly eliminating them. As part of an integrated pest management program, these methods have proven highly effective. UV light is not equally attractive to all insects due to varying phototactic behaviors. Flies, wasps, and moths exhibit positive phototactic behavior, while cockroaches exhibit negative phototactic behavior.

Types of Fly Traps and Electronic Flies Killer

Electric Fly Killer (Wall Mount & Hanging)

Electric fly killer (wall mount)

Electric fly killer (Hanging)

Indoor Flies can control using Electronic Flies Killer. Electronic Flies Killers are two different Types-Wall Mounted with Glue board& Hanging Type with electrical Type. Electric Fly Killer (Wall Mount) are designed to fixing on walls. They use an electric grid or a glue board to capture and eliminate flying insects drawn by UV light. Hanging units are suspended from ceilings and operate on the same principle as wall-mounted devices


Fly Bottle

The Fly Bottle offers a simple yet effective approach to addressing the flies issue. A mixture of ingredients, such as honey, syrup, sugar water, or decaying fruit, is sprinkled around the opening of the bottle to entice flies into the trap. These smells naturally entice flies, who are pulled to the bottle like a magnet. Flies are trapped because they can’t navigate back up the narrow opening, or they cannot fly if their wings get wet.

Alpha Arabian Fly Control Service recommends hanging the Fly Bottle around 20 feet away from home entrances and outdoor gathering areas. Placing them along back fences or towards the back of yards, as well as near dog runs or kennels, maximizes their impact.

Fly Stickers

 Sticky traps, also known as flypaper, are coated with an extremely sticky adhesive. When flies or other insects land on the trap, they become immobilized due to the adhesive. A bright yellow tape with an extremely sticky adhesive is the Sticky Pest Trap. It is designed to hold and attract flies and crawling pests.Its long-lasting , durable, UV-resistant and waterproof.

Fly Ribbon

Pre-baited with the food-based lure, the fly ribbon is a disposable option that can last up to three months. The ribbon captures flies and other flying insects when they land on it.

In case you do not catch flies in 2-3 days, move the ribbon to another location. Because of light or moisture, flies sometimes stay away from certain areas. Move the ribbon to another location if you haven’t caught any flies for a few days.

Fly Bait

This bait is specifically Granular Solution for Efficient Fly Control, which stands as a powerful tool for managing fly populations in various environments. With its innovative features and unique design, Fly Bait offers a strategic approach to fly control that tackles the issue at its source.

Agita Fly Bait

Agita Bait is used as an insecticide in poultry barns. Agita’s unique active component kills quickly while still leaving a long-lasting residual effect. This powerful combination includes thiamethoxam and tricosene, offering a dual approach through contact and stomach modes of action. The presence of dual attractants for male and female houseflies further enhances its efficacy.

Thifast Fly Bait

 This is a ready-to-use granular bait and this offers a comprehensive solution for commercial and agricultural settings. Suitable for farms, stables, poultry houses, pigsties, and more.

Alpha Arabian Approach to Fly Control

Our Flies pest control services in Dubai understand the unique challenges posed by flying insects in the region and offer tailored solutions to combat them. Our Fly Trap and Electric Fly Killer services are an integral part of our comprehensive Flies pest control strategies.

We combine cutting-edge technology with the expertise of our trained professionals to create environments free from flying pests. For providing effective Flies pest control solutions in Dubai making your environment more pleasant and hygienic, use Fly traps / electric fly killers. Whether you opt for a wall-mounted electric fly killer, a hanging unit, fly bottles, or other methods, each serves a purpose in controlling fly populations.

Fly Bottle

Fly Sticker

Fly Sticker

Fly Ribbon

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