Mosquito Control: The Disease Carrier 

Mosquitoes are carriers of several virus and they are picking it from several places and injecting it in to human body through their saliva. Mosquitoes are dangerous than flies as flies are not injecting the saliva to human body.

Diseases Caused by mosquitoes.

Zika Virus

Zika virus is transmitted by aedes mosquitoes and biting mostly during the day. Zika virus infection do not develop symptoms. Rashes,Fever,conjunctivitis,muscle and joint pain and headache that last for 7 days. This virus is proven to be danger for pregnant ladies.

Dengue Fever

Dengue virus transmitted by female mosquitoes through the bite of an infested mosquitoes. Dengue fever has giving sleepless nights to health care people. Almost half of the world population are living with the risk of dengue.


This disease is mainly transmitted by special mosquitoes known as anopheles. These parasites are commonly infects a certain mosquitoes which feeds on humans. People who is sick with malaria have high fever, shaking chills, flue like illness, discomfort etc

How to control Mosquitoes

Always stagnant water is acting as breeding site for mosquitoes. Stagnant water outside your villa or town house in Dubai is the main source for it. Make sure to avoid stagnant water, leakage of water in your premises. If you need professional advice for mosquitos’ control, call always commercial pest control Dubai like Alpha Arabian for effective treatment against mosquitoes.

How you can eliminate Mosquitoes

Keep you windows and door close always.

Fix Air curtain in main doors of your commercial property.

Close all the small gaps and holes under the door and block their entry in to home and cover your windows with net.

Use chemical spray or insecticidal treatment on regular basis and mosquitoes repellents.

Mosquitoes doesn’t like the smell of cinnamon, peppermint, cedar, catnip, lemongrass ,lavender and use it in your surrounding places. Call Dubai Municipality approved pest control company like Alpha Arabian for professional services

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