Cleaning and Sanitization are Essential Pillars of Pest Management.

Sanitization is a protection strategy to safe your place against pest infestation and other threats. Whenever you want to do a pest control to achieve some goals like prevention, suppression and eradication of pest etc.

Sanitization is a main Component in Pest Management

One of the fundamentals of a successful pest control companies to ensure the hygienic conditions throughout the facility. A properly sanitized facility will create relationship between customers and clients. To achieve this must have a effective pest management program in place like proper clean up, removal of garbage on frequent interval, sanitization services and proper maintenance.

Pest Can carriers of Diseases

Some pest infestations to commercial establishment to risk and dangers by spreading the virus and bacteria’s thorough out the facility. Employees and customers chance to exposure to different diseases and health issues

  • German and American Cockroaches are a leading contributor of Allergies and Asthma
  • Mosquitoes and Rodents are main carriers of Virus and spreading it fast.
  • Bird flue virus can occur in humans with low risk level.

This is only a sample list of potential health issues from unsanitary conditions and with the result of pests. This Prevention criteria should be performed on regular interval to maintain effective pest Management.

Cleaning & Pest Management

Rodents’ infestation can cause damage to premises, cutting the cables and electrical wires and Files. Insects can get into computer hardware by increasing the bijection Work place is not properly cleaned and maintained it can be a playground for pests.

Bugs and mice can attract birds and snake also attracted due to small rodents. It is very important to break the cycle before it is coming by keeping effective pest control with the help of proper cleaning schedule with regal intervals.

ALPHA ARABIAN provides professional Pest Control and Cleaning services with the help of education of people to maintain the houses and workplace with proper hygiene and sanitization. Maintaining proper cleaning schedules and proper waste disposal schedules result in productive Pest Management.

Tips to Prevent Pest

  • Seal the point of entry in the premises like cracks, crevice’s, holes, gaps between windows and doors, Electrical wires and pipes.
  • Avoid the spillage of water near toilets, wash rooms, kitchen surrounding and other areas to avoid the attraction of birds and other animals .
  • All water leakages required to repair immediately. This include condensation dripping from cold water lines and can be corrected with foam insulated water line covers.
  • Begin your prevention programme by removing the essential need of Pest and rodents like food, water and shelter.
  • Focus on cleaning specially lunch rooms, pantry, kitchen, garbage rooms to avoid infestations.

The Connection Between Cleaning & Pest Control

All areas of workplace and residential places including outdoor spaces need to be well maintained and ensure that do not attract any Pest. Water attracts mosquitoes and flies. Dusty items and carton items that is not using is an essential place for mice’s and rodents. Gardens with long grasses are suitable place for rodents and snakes. Messy kitchen are the ideal breeding ground for cockroaches and flies. Due to the shortage of life cycle insects have an active existence and quickly moving from one place to another. When cockroaches or flies come in contact with food and bringing unwanted germs which can result in illness.

Sanitization and Cleaning playing an effective role in Professional pest Management. Call Alpha Arabian for getting Effective Pest Control and Hygienic Solutions

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