Bird Control

Bird Control Services in Dubai

Bird Control Service in Dubai

Alpha Arabian Pest Control services  provide professional and reliable solution for bird control Services in Dubai. We use efficient bird control services and expert strategies to eliminate birds from the area without harming birds, animals or other people. The goal of these efforts is to make people and their associated Properties more comfortable. We also provide our customers with some of the best products that will help in bird control services. We provide premium customer services to our customer along with free expert advice. Our services are highly affordable compared with the thousands of dollars spent on cleaning bird debris and droppings on the building.

Some of our bird control services are bird netting, bird repellents, electric tracks, bird spikes, sound bird deterrent, visual bird deterrent, hazers and thermal forgers etc.

Pigeon Control Services in Dubai

Pigeons are beautiful creatures but their presence in the building or home can cause various problems to residents. They are known to make the place unhygienic and degrade the building looks by leaving debris and droppings in the buildings they stay. They are also naturally acidic, which might harm the building’s structure. In such situations Pigeon Control Services comes as an important service in Dubai.

We will talk about some of the top pigeon control services in this article to help you avoid being caught up in the never-ending cycle of cleaning pigeon droppings.

We are offering different types of pigeon control services that will help the domestic and commercial areas to get rid of them without harming them.

How to keep pigeons away from my house

Bird Spike

Bird spikes are one of the techniques we employ to manage birds. In essence, it’s the finest method for establishing a no-landing zone for birds. Spikes are useful for making barriers that you can erect over open and semi-open areas to keep birds out. These spikes are made to not damage birds and will naturally mix in with the environment. The parapet walls, security cameras, ledges, window sills, signage, and light posts are just a few examples of small surfaces where the Bird spikes are used.

Bird Spikes
Bird Control bird cages

Bird Repellent Gel

One of the efficient strategies for controlling birds in Dubai is bird repellent. Every stride they take after landing on a repellent gel causes it to pull at their feet. And feeling imprisoned is the one thing that birds detest. Not with this gel; it won’t catch them. It adheres just firmly enough to bother them, like Post-It Note adhesive. Additionally, because to the unique chemical composition of this gel, it will continue to work for up to one year (under most weather circumstances). As a result, birds learn to avoid treated regions and seek out alternative roosting spots. on prevent birds from landing, bird repellents can be placed on ledges, sills, roofs, peaks, cornices, bridges, and overpasses (among other surfaces). Since our oil-based gel repellent is non-toxic, it won’t damage birds, people, or other animals..

Alpha Arabian Pest control service in Dubai is one of the best Pest Control Company in Dubai. We have tremendous years of experience in providing reliable pest control services in Dubai, UAE with the help of expert professional staff. Our company’s mission statement is to provide you with guaranteed pest and bird control solutions that are safe and effective

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