Flies Control

Flies Control Service

Flies Control Service


Alpha Arabian Pest Control Services offers effective Flies Control Services in Dubai for the eradication of fly infestation. The fly infestation not only compromises the cleanliness and hygiene of your space, but also creates an unpleasant environment. The Alpha Arabian team uses advanced techniques for comprehensive fly control services to eliminate these pests from your home or business.


We understand the types of Flies found in Dubai, and our comprehensive Flies Control Services address the unique challenges each poses. Whether it’s house flies, fruit flies, drain or moth flies, our pest control services team of experienced technicians has tailored solutions to deal with it all.


Drain Flies or Moth Flies

drain Flies

Drain Flies are also called sewer flies or filter flies and they are a common pest in the UAE. It can make very annoying. These flies thrive in damp environments, particularly near drains and sewage areas. Moth flies, often mistaken for tiny moths, are attracted to areas with decaying organic matter. Our experienced professionals will locate and use targeted methods to eliminate their breeding sites. We use eco-friendly processes to ensure a long-lasting solution to these fly infestations.


House Flies

House Flies Control is a little long process. Houseflies are a common nuisance, especially in areas with food sources or garbage. They can carry disease-causing bacteria and contaminate the surface, posing a threat to your health and well-being. House Flies usually breed near where the larvae and breeding site are located when they become a problem inside. If animals are nearby, investigate for manure concentrations. Garbage cans and dumpsters are often the problem source; even soil where garbage has decomposed will support infestations.

Fruit Flies

Fruit FliesFruit trap

Fruit flies are tiny, light brown insects with recognizable red eyes. Their females may lay up to 500 eggs at once, and they reproduce quickly. Implementing preventative measures is crucial to reducing fruit fly infestations since Dubai’s warm and muggy climate makes it the perfect place for them to breed. Fruit fly infestations are able to reduce by using proper storage, routine cleaning, and garbage management.


Flies Prevention and Effective Control Measures

Because of Dubai’s warm temperature, fruit flies are often a very bothersome nuisance, particularly in the summer. In Dubai’s warm environment, especially in the summer, fruit flies may be annoying. Kitchens and eating spaces are particularly vulnerable to fruit fly infestations since these small insects are drawn to ripe fruits, vegetables, and damp conditions.

Effective Control methods and preventive measures will help to maintain a fruit fly-free environment in Dubai. You may reduce fruit fly infestations by using appropriate storage, routine cleaning, and garbage management. To ensure a hygienic and pest-free space in your home or business, seeking professional pest control services like Alpha Arabian Flies control services is needed.

In order to get rid of flies from your property, we will evaluate your fly problem, create customized fly control plans, and put in effective solutions. Enjoy a clean, hygienic environment free of bug annoyance. Trust Alpha Arabian Pest Control Services for reliable and long-lasting flies control services.

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