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Alpha Arabian Pest Control Services provide effective Bed bug control service across UAE. The nuisance and discomfort caused by bed bug infestation are very high. We are here to help you effectively eliminate these pests from your home or office. Our professional Bed Bug Control Service in Dubai is designed to provide you with a pest-free environment and ensure your peace of mind.

Bedbugs are cunning creatures that hide in cracks, beds and other shelters during the day. They are small brown insects that feed on human and animal blood. These pests can enter your home through used furniture, luggage, or even visitors. However, with the right approach, their numbers can be reduced significantly. Bedbug extermination treatment is a minor procedure that should only be done by a professional pest control service in your home or office.

Hiding Places of Bedbugs

To address a bed bug infestation, it is essential to identify their hiding places. Common areas where bed bugs tend to hide during the daytime include bed headboards and mattresses, bedside furniture and baseboards, inside mattress coils, cracks in bedsteads, under loose wallpaper, and wooden door and window frames.



Signs of a Bed bug Infestation

  1. The signs include dark bloodstains on your mattress and pillowcases, an unpleasant and musty odor, shed bed bug skin, and waking up with red spots on your body. When you see these signs, it’s important to take action immediately.

Precaution & Treatment for Bed bug Infestation

There are many preventative measures you can take to prevent pests from entering your property. Visitors and travellers should avoid bringing these pests inside by leaving their shoes outside, changing clothes outside, and inspecting their luggage. Close any gaps or cracks in the walls and maintain cleanliness and hygiene in and around your living or working space.

If your place is already infested with bed bugs, you can start by cleaning your bed, clothing, and curtains in hot water and drying them at a high temperature. Remove bed bugs and their eggs from the mattress and vacuum the bed and surrounding areas. Declutter the space around your bed to eliminate potential hiding spots. If these measures prove insufficient, it is advisable to book a professional Pest Control Service in Dubai.

Heat Treatment for Bedbugs

One highly effective method for bed bug extermination is heat treatment. When performed correctly, heat treatment has a 100% success rate in eliminating bed bugs and their eggs. Unlike DIY treatments that may leave some bugs alive, heat treatment kills every single bed bug instantly, ensuring thorough extermination. This eliminates the need for waiting weeks to see if the infestation persists.

It’s important to treat the entire home or premises at once, as bed bug can spread quickly. Our professional bed bug extermination service do not recommend treating only one or two rooms since infestations are often localized but can easily spread.


Preparing your home for heat treatment requires some precautions. No personal items should be moved to your automobile, a friend’s or relative’s home, the garage, the basement, storage lockers, or any other location. Keep linens on beds and furniture and avoid moving electronics during the treatment.

Bed bugs? Let us take care of them!

At Alpha Arabian Pest Control Company in Dubai, we specialize in providing comprehensive bed bug control services. Our experienced technicians will assess the infestation, develop a tailored treatment plan, and ensure the complete elimination of bed bugs from your premises. With our Bed Bugs extermination service in Dubai, you can regain a pest-free environment and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Contact us today for reliable Bed Bug Control Service in Dubai, and let us help you eliminate bed bugs from your home or office. We are committed to providing effective pest control services in Dubai with affordable price with customer satisfaction.

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