Snake Control

Snake Control Services in Dubai

Snake Control

Alpha Arabian Animal Control Services is experienced in addressing snake control services in Dubai with the highest care and effectiveness. To keep snakes and other pests off of your property, we provide several alternatives to handle the Snake Control Service. Alpha Arabian handled all the Animal Control Services in UAE with highly trained staff.

If you are worried about any snake issues, we can solve them effectively at an affordable price. You may tackle all snake issues with the aid of top-notch snake control services from Alpha Arabian pest control company in Dubai.

Snake Repellent Powder Treatment

Snake repellent


Snake Out Snake Repellent Powder is a specially made dust that uses organic ingredients. Snake Repellent is used to keep snakes away from populated areas. Even though the lotion contains active ingredients that snakes find repellent, it poses no risk to children or animals. Snakes are driven away from the product when they come into contact with it. Snake Out Snake Repellent Powder is one of the best methods used for snake control services.

Treatment Chemistry

Apply Snake Out snake repellent powder to seal any interior cracks, holes, or entry points. To use the product, create a barrier inside the crawl space foundation walls that is at least one foot wide. It is used in areas where snakes are likely to hide. Such as within sheds and workshops, and under-covered porches.



Snake Shield

Snake Shield


Snake Shield is a specifically created snake-repellent granule used to keep snakes away from products or regions where people live. Snake Shield granules are composed organically to keep snakes out of areas where people live. Children and animals are not at risk from the lotion, despite its active ingredients that snakes find repellent. Snakes have been repelled away from Snake Shield in the air when they come into contact with it due to the escape response it creates.

Snake Trap

Need a Service in UAE for Dealing with Snakes?

If you see a snake near you, don’t try or risk catching it. Call professional animal control services like Alpha Arabian Services in Dubai to deal with the issue. Our eco-friendly approach will help ensure stability in both the region and the business and make you a safe environment.

By implementing a proper hygiene program, you can lessen the possibility of snakes and rodents entering the building where people are active. We need to make sure the food is stored securely. Plug the gaps or holes that could serve as entrance points for snakes and rodents.

Alpha Arabian Animal Control Services always help you solve your pest problem. Live stress-free and pest-free. We serve across the UAE. Contact Us to ensure complete snake removal from residential and commercial properties.

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