Protect your family with the help of honeybee control and by beehive removal

Honey Bees

They are pollinators and making honey for feeding their younger ones in winter season. Their colony can survive for many years. Honey bee colony size gets too large for the available space and the queen begin to wane. New queens are produced and old queen leaves with large number of workers to make new colony. The common honey bees colony swarms only once in 12 months and some of them produce two swarms each time.


Honey bees are not aggressive and not searching to attack anyone.They are defensive and ready to attack when they feel that their colony is facing a threaten.

Bee Hive

Swarms are moving to a tree branch at first time. These swarms are staying there about 48 hours until the permanent quarters are located to move on.Permament Quarters consists of bee hive, hollow tree,attic,hollow wall,windows,balcony whether they are getting shelter from weather.


Queen is laying one egg in the hive and she mates only once. She can lay as 1500 to 2000 eggs per day and they living as long as five years. The queen producing pheromones which is controlling the production of new queens and developing different workers. The young workers caring the young and building the comb, hive ventilation and guard the entrance.


Bee workers have stingers with poison and associated tissues are torn from the bee body.If the stinger is not removed immediately muscle contractions will drive the stinger deeper and deeper in to skin. This stinger giving a pheromone which attract other honey bees to giving an alarm to attack immediately. So immediate stinger is honeybee is highly recommended.

The normal reaction to bee stings is local pain for a few minutes followed by swelling at the sting site. People have allergic to insects sting will have a more severe reaction.

Honeybee Control

A specialist should handle the honey bee treatment because honey bee colonies are large. Only professional person can safely remove bee nest because bees are more and aggressive in nature. Pest Control technician can remove it with professional equipment by effectively and safely.

Insecticidal Treatment

The nest sometimes located on the wall. Insecticides can be applied on the nest by using the high pressure pump. Very effective insecticides are available in the market to remove them effectively with help of trained technicians. Best time to eliminate them is afternoon time when they are at home. Nest can be removed safely after eliminating the bees.

Beehive Removal

If the nest is left after the treatment could melt and can be infested with larva and bacteria. If there is lot of honey it can be penetrate through the walls. After the treatment with elimination of bees professional pest control technicians can easily remove the bee hive to safe place or to garbage. Always use Alpha Arabian in Dubai for removing the bee hive in your places.

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