Suggestions for Preventing different types of Rats in UAE

There are 3 different types of rats in UAE, especially in Dubai. Mice or House mouse, Roof Rat and Norway Rats are the different rats found in UAE.

Norway Rats is larger in size and commonly found in UAE. Their tails are shorter than their body length and their ears and eyes are smaller than their body. Norway rats are larger than other rat species. They are commonly found in burrow in garden as well as under building foundations, drainages     and manholes.

Roof rats, medium in size and are super climbers. Normally found in UAE Warehouse ceiling, Villa ceiling in Dubai. So, it is called Roof Rats. They enter in to building through trees close to windows.

Mice or House mouse are smaller in Size and commonly found in Houses in UAE.

Identification of Rat infestations

  • Scratching Sound: sound of scampering in the wall or ceiling making sure that rats are around your houses.
  • Dropping: sign of dropping in hidden places like cupboards, cabinets, other surrounding areas confirming the presence of rats.
  • Damages: Rats teeth damage the electrical wires, card boards, papers and food items .
  • Marking: rat making fingerprints on the wall or floor by using his dirty finger.

How to Prevent the infestation

1. Main Proper Food storage

Even if you store the food items properly in cup boards and fridge, it is still attracted to the smell of food in kitchen. It is attacking through open trash, cans, rotting fruits in the garden and pet food items.

2. Check the Villa outside areas.

Check the opening of garbage doors, gaps around the windows, drainages, foundation holes etc.

. Close the entry points and use the trap to catch them if you spot them inside. Use professional Rat control companies in Dubai like Alpha Arabian, the best pest control in Dubai where you will get best pest control service with cheap price.

3. Avoid hidden places.

Rats are always hunting for shelter like waste and garbage near to your property. Keep these types of items away from your home and keep them above the ground in a rack and away from the walls.

Rats are spreading diseases and damage the property. The best way to avoid such infestation is to check always for rodent activity and call commercial pest control in Dubai like Alpha Arabian and to get the best solution cheap price

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