How to control the fruit flies in your kitchen?

If you are facing issues with fruit flies, use insects kill spray to kill the adult flies, But the eggs can hatch and make the problem again. So, follow the steps: –

  • Check the place where fruit flies can breed: – Check the areas like rotting food on your drawers and cabinets, inside and under your fridge, underneath other kitchen appliances etc. Fruit flies can lay their eggs on cleaning rags and mops and even empty
  • Clean your manholes and garbage disposal: – pour boiling water into manholes or tape a clear plastic food storage bag over the top and leave it Adult flies will leave the drain and you can see them in the bag
  • Trapping: -Use Trap wherever you have seen fruit flies like sticky trap, Flies ribbon, flies bottle
  • Use Bug Spray: – Use pesticidal spray Treatment and Misting treatment to kill all the fruit flies and clean all you Keep away your children and pet animals from treated areas at least for a day

Prevention of Fruit Flies

  • Keep the fruits items in your fridge until you
  • Wash all the items before keeping in the
  • Empty your kitchen trash every day & wash the trash tray
  • Clean the spillages like juices or alcohol
  • Use a screen on your door and windows to avoid flies coming inside from
  • Turn off the light over your door and windows can attract the
  • Seal all containers in your homes otherwise fruit flies can squeeze under them and lay

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