Food Business and Service Providers should Register

Food watch platform is developed by Municipality in Dubai to Facilitate the data exchange between government authorities, Food and Beverages manufacturing units like factories, Restaurant,Cafeterias, supermarkets etc and service providers like Pest Control, Grease Trap Cleaning and other consumers by digital monitoring technique with customized applications.

What is the use of Food Watch

Food watch is working with smart food safety management system. This platform is providing full traceability of food, ingredients and nutrition’s information. This platform will provide a unique experience to all smart contracts, customized applications and services providers based on their requirements.

How Pest Control Companies and food business can register with food watch

You can send a mail to [email protected] by mentioning the requirements. You will get a reply with a link to register your company with following documents like Company Trade License,food safety documents, other address details.Later you will receive a link to verify your email along with confirmation of registration with payment link. Once you will pay by clicking the link you will complete the registration process

What is the Importance of Food Watch

Food safety checking is very important for a good safety management system.lot of follow up visit and paper works need to carried out to ensure this to work it perfectly. This digital inspection tool on food watch will connect to ensure that follow ups visit and records at the same time.It will help to food safety within in your premises and also to manage your service providers like suppliers, maintenance ,delivery team contractors, third party vendors and national pest control companies in Dubai.

How to Implement the Food watch in your organizations

A person in your organization has to ensure that your premises are hygienic and clean before yu start the operations.This will help to check the entire areas,floor walls,ceilings,equipments and other asurrounding.If you found any pest issues during your checking, contact your pest control contractor to do the necessary follow up actions. Also need to check all the staff in your organization having personal hygiene and make sure that they are maintaining it.

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