Why Organic Pest control is more Important in UAE

Organic pest control in Dubai giving natural eco-friendly pest control solutions and effective pest control methods Most organic pesticides break down naturally, reducing the chance of polluting or contaminating the soil or water in UAE specially in Dubai.

Green Products

In Organic pest control Nontoxic products and biological methods are using to eliminate the pest inside the home and commercial premises. Organic Pesticides contain Essential oil like rosemary oil,geraniol,clove oil, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, other biological ingredients etc.

Eco Friendly

Organic solutions reduce the risk and harm to people and environment in Dubai.Alpha Arabian Pest control have organic pest control division to educate people and Team to understand the importance of organic pest control and also for developing new methods and products. Normal Pesticides may be effective and harmful to environment, but organic pest control products are more safe and more beneficial for earth.


Organic Pest control products are safe for children, babies, Pregnant ladies and pet animals. In Green organic pest control methods, you don’t need to worry about treatment of your living space poses a threat to your family and home. Organic products are less in allergies compared to chemical-based products.

Protecting your Landscape

Normal Pesticidal spray filled with chemicals have the potential to ruin your garden and landscaping areas, whereas organic pest control solutions are comparatively gentle and eco-friendly. If you are concern with your home landscaping, use organic pest control and your property looks much better and this is the advantage of organic methods.

Reduction of Resistance

All types of insects, pests and rodents have ability to build a resistance against chemicals. This resistance capacity can be passed to another generations of pests through hereditary. The chance of resistance is dramatically reducing when you are using the organic products.

Ecological Sustainability

Eco friendly pest control methods help to maintain the natural food chain. Chemical spray is damaging the natural food chain. These chemicals disturbing the insects as well as brake the food chains and making difficulty to maintain ecological existence. This is the main reason Real estate property Owners, Landscaping companies in Dubai and Alpha Arabian Pest controls are using biological methods.


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