Anti-termite Methods to control Termite Infestation


Termites can pose a significant threat to buildings and residential areas, causing extensive damage to structural components. Every year, thousands of homes require treatment for these pests- the damage cost and the treatment cost exceeding 1 billion, that is why effective pest control method is the key factor. Effective anti-termite methods vary depending on the species present, making it challenging to determine the precise procedure. Alpha Arabian follows different approaches for the prevention of termite infestation in Dubai, adapted to individual needs and considering various factors. 


If you suspect a termite bait station and want to learn how to tackle  it effectively, there are several methods for controlling termite infestation, including the use of termiticides and pesticides.


  1. Use of Termiticides and Pesticides: Continuous advancements in the field of termite control have resulted in the development of new and improved techniques, making termiticides and pesticides highly effective for eliminating termite infestations and addressing termite bait stations. In Dubai, customers can experience optimal results by utilizing suitable termiticides such as Premise and Imiforce, which are readily available in the market.
  2. Anti-Termite Soil Treatment: Termites are typically found in the ground, making the anti-termite methods for soil treatment an essential approach. Once the presence of termites is confirmed, the  termite bait stations can be treated with appropriate anti-termite solutions. The effective anti-termite method creates a barrier in the soil that termites cannot cross, thereby preventing further infestation.
  3. Termination of Food Resources: Preventing termites from entering our homes and premises in Dubai can be achieved through the termination of their food resources. Removing wooden objects near our homes and reducing moisture content is crucial in combating termite bait stations. It is essential to address water leakages and repair damaged pipes to eliminate potential termite habitats.
  4. Temperature-Sensitive Treatment: Termites are highly sensitive to temperature changes, making these anti-termite methods effective in Dubai. By subjecting infested areas to extreme heat or cold, termites can be eliminated rapidly. Heat treatment applies to premises, and using heat-treated furniture is recommended to prevent termite infestation. Additionally, the use of electronics and microwaves can eradicate termites present in dry or wooden objects.
  5. Installation of Termite Bait Stations: Constant innovation is necessary to combat termite infestation. Traditional chemical treatments in the soil may last only a few hours. Installing termite bait stations with food baits can attract termites in specific areas, leading them to consume the bait and perish.
  6. Liquid Treatments: Liquid termiticides are an effective solution to prevent termite entry and exit. These treatments form a barrier that termites cannot penetrate. Utilizing liquid treatments as a secondary method helps eliminate termites and eradicate infestations in Dubai.

How can Alpha Arabian help you?


We hope you understand our ideas. Controlling termite infestation requires a panoramic approach that considers the specific needs of each situation. The methods discussed above, including termiticides and pesticides, offer effective means of combating termites in Dubai.

 By employing these anti-termite methods, homeowners can safeguard their properties from the damaging effects of termites and ensure long-lasting protection. Through these varied approaches, Alpha Arabian ensures successful and long-lasting termite control for our customers in Dubai.


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