Shield Your Property from Termites

Termites can cause significant damage to buildings, leading to expensive repairs and potentially compromising the safety of a structure. That’s why effective anti-termite treatment is crucial for any building owner. At Alpha Arabien Pest Control Services, we are committed to providing comprehensive and effective termite control solutions to ensure the safety and security of our client’s properties. 

In this blog, Let’s discuss the essential requirements of effective anti-termite treatment and the various methods used to control termite infestations.

Soil Treatment

Soil treatment is one of the most effective methods of preventing termite infestations. This involves treating the soil around a building during the early stages of construction. The treatment is applied in three stages: vertical surface, horizontal surface, and around the building. The vertical surface treatment is conducted when the basement’s retaining walls and foundation are raised to ground level.

The horizontal surface treatment is applied to the top surface of the plinth below the ground slab level. Finally, the treatment of soil along the perimeter of the building is carried out after the external walls are completed. 

When the soil has absorbed the chemical emulsion and the surface is dry, concrete application should begin. Once the soil barrier is formed, it should not be disturbed. The continuity and completeness of the barrier should be restored right away if it is damaged.

Evidence of Termite Infestation

It is crucial to identify the signs of termite infestation early on to prevent further damage. Here are some common signs of termite infestation:

Galleries: Termite galleries often follow the grain of the affected wood. These galleries can be distinguished from similar damage caused by other wood-infestation insects containing soil particles instead of sawdust.

Mud Tubes: When termites cross the concrete and similar surface of wood, they construct mud tubes as a shelter. Saliva and ejected fluid waste are used to bind soil particles together to create these tubes.

Soil Passages: Termites feed on wood and cellulose material that needs moisture to survive. Colonies mainly nest in the soil, which provides moisture.

Moist Wood: Termites thrive in wood that is in close proximity to the soil, such as on porches covered in filth.

Application Methods

At Alpha Arabien Pest Control Services, we offer three effective methods for controlling termite infestations:

Post-construction Anti-Termite Treatment: This involves drilling holes in the foundation and injecting termiticides into the soil to create a barrier around the building.

Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment: This treatment is applied during the early stages of construction, as discussed above.

Termite Baiting System: This system involves placing bait stations around the building, which contain a slow-acting poison that the termites will take back to their colony. The poison will then be spread throughout the colony, leading to its elimination.

Effective Solution for Long-Term Relief!

Effective anti-termite treatment is essential to prevent termite infestations and the costly damage they cause. At Alpha Arabien Pest Control Services, we offer comprehensive and effective termite control solutions, including soil treatment, post-construction and pre-construction anti-termite treatment, and termite baiting systems. 

By identifying the signs of termite infestation early and employing these methods, we can ensure the safety and security of our client’s properties. Contact us today to learn more about our termite control services and schedule a consultation.


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