Better Way To Control House Fly in Dubai 

House flies can be a nuisance in any household or commercial space. Not only are they annoying, but they also pose a serious health risk as they can spread diseases through their feeding habits. In Dubai, Alpha Arabian Pest Controloffers professional fly control services using a range of techniques and methods to provide effective solutions for their clients.

Basic Methods of Fly Control

To begin with, it is important to follow some basic methods to control the house flies. One of the most important ways to control house flies is by always keeping your home clean. Flies are attracted to food, so it is essential to keep your food items in a container and cover them properly. Also, keep your garbage areas clean to prevent fly infestation. 

Clean up your pet animals regularly to avoid attracting flies. Additionally, you should take advice from a fly exterminator expert and use prevention methods to reduce the chance of fly breeding.

Importance of Fly Control

Flies can spread diseases, making it important to control their population in any household or commercial space. Sanitization services are a crucial step in controlling flies, and Alpha Arabian is a municipality-approved sanitization services company in Dubai that provides fly control services using various methods like fly trap/fly killer machines, etc. 

Analysis of the situation is essential before applying a solution, and Alpha Arabian effectively controls flies using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods.

Fly Control Methods

One of the most effective methods to control flies is to always clean your home, especially after eating food. Don’t leave any food spillage or particles in the kitchen or other areas. Use fly-proof containers to protect your food, ingredients, and vegetables. 

Closed containers avoid the contact of food with disease-carrying flies. Using air curtains in food manufacturing units, receiving areas, or supermarket store areas is also recommended. Proper maintenance is crucial to control the entry of flies into your premises. 

Garbage rooms and garbage chutes are infested with flies due to the non-cleaning of garbage skips and garbage rooms. Therefore, garbage areas should be cleaned at least twice a week to control the flies. Keep your garbage skip properly covered, and trash boxes should also be covered. Properly cleaning your pet animal’s houses and cages can also help control house flies.

Another effective way to control flies is by targeting the life cycle of the flies. By destroying the breeding points, we can reduce the fly population. Routine sanitization services and disinfection services can also help reduce fly breeding. Rainwater and drainage water are the main sources of fly breeding. Therefore, it is essential to avoid stagnant water near your home and villa in Dubai.

Fly control products are also useful in controlling flies in Dubai. Fly traps, fly sheets, fly glue sheets, fly sticky traps, fly terminator bottles, electronic fly killers, fly ribbons, etc., are all effective methods of fly control. 

Alpha Arabian uses all of the above methods, depending on the location and infestation level. The company also provides fly baiting, sanitization using a fly terminator, residual treatment using insecticides, electronic fly killers (EFK), thermal fogging, misting treatment, and fly glue traps to control the fly population.

Say Goodbye to House Flies with Alpha Arabian Pest Control Services.

Controlling house flies in Dubai is essential for maintaining a healthy and hygienic environment. Flies are carriers of diseases and can spread them to humans and animals. Alpha Arabian Pest Control is a professional and reliable company that provides effective fly control services in Dubai. Alpha Arabian ensures that the flies are effectively controlled at their breeding points by combining basic methods like integrated pest management, and various products. Additionally, the municipality-approved sanitization and disinfection services further reduce the chances of fly breeding. Contact Alpha Arabian Pest Control for a safe and effective fly control solution to keep your premises free from these pesky insects.

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