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In the realm of property maintenance and public health, effective pest management stands as an essential pillar. Alpha Arabian has revolutionized the pest control industry with its innovative and scientific approach known as the total pest management system. By integrating this system, Alpha Arabian pest control service ensures unparalleled protection against a variety of pests, ranging from the common housefly to the elusive Redback spider. Let’s delve into the core aspects of this cutting-edge pest management concept, exploring its seven-step process and the diverse types of pests it addresses.

The seven-step of the Total Pest Management System : 

Alpha Arabian’s total pest management system is not just a conventional pest control service; it’s a meticulously designed process that combines expertise with science. Here’s an overview of the seven steps that make up this groundbreaking system:


 The foundation of an effective pest management system lies in understanding the pest’s environment. The pest control technicians conduct a thorough inspection of every facility, focusing on critical pest activity zones, such as entry points, water sources, food sources, harborage and breeding points, as well as customer and employee areas.

Facility Layout Analysis:

 By analyzing the layout and traffic patterns of a facility, potential problem areas are identified. This step ensures that the treatment strategy is tailored to the facility’s unique characteristics, including the flow of people in and out of the building.

Pest Identification: 

Different pests demand distinct treatment approaches due to variations in their life cycles, habitats, and behaviors. Collaboration between operators, customers, and facility employees helps gather accurate data on pest sightings, aiding in prevention and control.

Customized Program: 

Cookie-cutter solutions have no place in the total pest management system. Location, climate, building conditions, and age are key factors that guide the creation of a customized pest control program. A comprehensive analysis, including input from key employees, ensures a targeted and effective strategy.

Sanitation Consultation:

 A crucial aspect of TPM is maintaining a rigorous daily sanitation schedule. This proactive measure has been taken by the pest control service against the pest which directly impacts factors contributing to pest buildup, both inside and outside the facility.

Treatment Strategies: 

Prioritizing non-chemical control methods showcases Alpha Arabian’s commitment to environmentally friendly practices. Chemical options are considered only after exhausting alternative solutions.

Ongoing Monitoring & Maintenance: 

Continual vigilance is paramount. Accurate reporting of pest sightings and meticulous documentation for clients and regulatory agencies ensure the sustained success of the TPM program.

Types of Pests Addressed by TPM: 

There are various types of pests addressed by Alpha Arabian’s pest control service. Their comprehensive approach effectively tackles an array of pests that threaten both public health and property integrity. Let’s take a closer look at some of the types of  pests that the pest management concept addresses:

Flies: The common housefly, often underestimated, is a potent carrier of diseases. Alpha Arabian aims to control fly populations by targeting breeding and harborage sites.

Ants: Social insects like ants can infiltrate buildings, causing contamination issues. The pest management concept targeted an approach to prevent and manages ant infestations while considering their nesting patterns.

Wasps: While not carriers of infectious diseases, wasps can contaminate food and pose risks to individuals with allergies. The TPM strategies ensure their effective management.

Fleas: Parasitic fleas, commonly associated with pets, can infest human living spaces. TPM’s pest control measures extend to eradicating these blood-feeding pests.

Cockroaches: Recognized as significant public health pests, cockroaches can spread diseases. TPM’s tailored solutions to combat cockroach infestations, considering the specific species prevalent in Dubai.

Fabric and Food-Damaging Insects: TPM addresses a range of fabric-damaging insects like beetles, weevils, and moths, which also pose food contamination risks. Its multifaceted approach ensures comprehensive protection.

Bedbugs: Alpha Arabian’s pest management concept employs strategies to combat bedbugs, nocturnal parasites that feed on human blood, emphasizing the importance of proactive management.

Redback Spiders: The presence of venomous redback spiders in Dubai demands immediate attention. TPM includes specialized measures to mitigate the risks posed by these arachnids.


Alpha Arabian’s TPM transcends conventional pest control, offering a scientific, holistic, and proactive approach to pest management. Through its seven-step process, Alpha Arabian ensures that every client benefits from a customized and effective pest control strategy. By addressing the various types of pests, from disease-carrying flies to venomous spiders, TPM stands as a true guardian, safeguarding premises and public health. Choose TPM and experience a new paradigm in pest management that offers both peace of mind and lasting protection.

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