Why are rat and mice control essential for your safety and well-being?

Rats and mice seem like harmless creatures, but they can pose significant threats to both human health and property. In Dubai, where urbanization and human activities intersect with natural environments, the need for rodent control is crucial. So it’s very important to eliminate rodents with efficient pest management services.

Here is the guide to help you to identify the various reasons why it is important to protect your property from these rodents.

Pathogens Transfer: Rodents are known as carriers of numerous health hazards that can affect mostly humans. Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Salmonellosis, Plague, Murine Typhus, Scrub Typhus, Leishmaniasis, and Toxoplasmosis can be transmitted directly from infected rodents to humans. Other infections, such as Leishmaniasis and Toxoplasmosis, are spread through arthropods. The likelihood of these illnesses spreading to people can be considerably decreased by controlling rodent populations.

Endoparasites: Rodents can carry tapeworms of the genus Hymenolepis, which can contaminate food through their excrement. Consuming contaminated food can lead to infections in humans. Proper rat and mice control services help minimize the risk of these endoparasites contaminating food sources.

Rat Bites: Living in poor housing conditions or being near rodents can increase the risk of rat bites. Particularly in Dubai, Norway Rats attack infants, causing extensive tissue damage to vulnerable areas like the nose and lips. Rat bites can also be a hazard for individuals working in infested areas, with the added risk of tetanus transmission. Two forms of rat bite fever exist, one caused by Streptobacillus moniliformis and the other by Spirillum minus.

Crop Damage: Rodents have a significant impact on agriculture by damaging crops. Every year, millions of man-days of labor and valuable resources are expended to produce crops, only to have a significant portion of them eaten by rodents. This leads to financial losses for farmers and can contribute to food scarcity. For example, in the Philippines, 18% of rice crops were lost to rats in 1975, and in Bangladesh, 12% of rice crops were lost in 1982. Effective rodent control can help mitigate these losses.

Stored Food: Rodents continue to cause damage even after harvesting and being brought to stores. Loss in food storage, due to rodent infestations results in additional economic losses. This includes losses in labor, processing, transportation, and the actual value of the food items. Protecting stored food from rodents is essential to reduce economic waste and ensure food safety.

Structural Damage: Rodents’ gnawing habits can lead to extensive damage to human buildings, structures, and artifacts. Repairing such damage is not only expensive but can also pose safety threats, especially when it affects electrical, water, and gas systems or occurs in industrial locations or on board transport vehicles.

Wildlife Impact: The introduction of pest rodents by humans has had profound ecological impacts worldwide. Ground-nesting birds, in particular, suffer when rodents like Rattus norvegicus arrive on islands and prey on eggs and young birds. Protecting against rodent infestations helps preserve the natural balance and biodiversity of ecosystems.

Why Rat and Mice Control Services Are Vital in Dubai?

The importance of rat and mice control services in Dubai cannot be overstated. From the transfer of pathogens and endoparasites to the damage they cause to crops, stored food, structures, and wildlife, these rodents pose significant threats to human health, property, and the environment. By implementing effective control measures, we can protect our property, promote public health, and preserve the delicate balance of ecosystems in Dubai.


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