Are cockroaches invading your premises? Here’s how to identify and monitor their population.

Have you noticed an insect lurking in a dark corner of your home or workplace and wondered if it might be a cockroach? It’s essential to accurately identify the intruder to address any potential infestation. 

In this blog, we will provide you with effective techniques for estimating cockroach populations and offer tips to identify whether the pest in question is indeed a cockroach.

Visual Count: How many cockroaches are present?

  • Can you spare 3 minutes in your typical domestic kitchen? Use this time to visually count the number of cockroaches visible on various surfaces.
  • Conduct the count using a torch light, when cockroaches are most active.
  • Equip yourself with a torch, tally counter, and stopwatch for an accurate assessment.
  • By properly conducting visual counts, you can gain insights into the population size, species, behavior patterns, and distribution of cockroach harborages.

Flushing: An effective method to bring hiding cockroaches into the open.

  • During a daytime survey, introduce a pyrethroid aerosol (preferably non-residual) into suspected cockroach harborages.
  • Pyrethroids have a strong repellent and excitatory effect on cockroaches, causing them to rapidly emerge.
  • Count the flushed cockroaches to estimate the population size.
  • Ensure not to use aerosols in sensitive environments or during food preparation.

Traps: Capturing cockroaches for examination and data collection.

  • Pheromones or food-baited traps are valuable tools for securing cockroaches and gathering essential information about species, sex, age, and reproductive state.
  • Live traps are primarily used for research purposes, while cardboard adhesive traps are cost-effective and efficient.
  • Placement plays a crucial role in trap effectiveness. Generally, placing 1 or 2 traps beneath the cooker, refrigerator, or sink in a typical domestic kitchen can provide early warnings of a cockroach problem.

Recording: Keeping track of results and measuring control measures’ effectiveness.

  • It is crucial to record all monitoring results, ensuring that the employed technique is duly noted.
  • These records provide a snapshot of the cockroach problem’s status on your premises.
  • Over time, the accumulated records will enable you to evaluate the impact of control measures and adjust your approach accordingly.

Is It a Cockroach in Your Dubai Home? To help you determine whether the intruder is indeed a cockroach, consider the following characteristics:


  • Adult pest cockroaches range from 12 mm up to 45 mm.
  • Young cockroaches, known as nymphs, can be as small as 5 mm.


  • Pest roaches in Dubai are generally pale brown to dark brown or black.


  • Cockroaches have flattened bodies.
  • In adult specimens, you can observe that the head is tucked downward and backward under a shield-like covering called the pronotum.


  • Cockroaches have relatively large eyes.
  • All cockroaches have long, thin antennae that can extend almost as far as the length of the animal itself


  • Three pairs of cockroaches’ legs extend horizontally from their bodies, making them easily observable.
  • Larger specimens may exhibit spines on their legs.


  • Adult cockroaches may have leathery wings folded over their body.
  • In some species’ females and all nymphs, the wings are reduced in size, resembling stubby pads.

Is it a cockroach? Getting to the Reality of Your Uninvited Guest in Dubai!

If you want to assess the number and distribution of cockroach populations on your premises, you can use monitoring techniques like visual counts, flushing, and traps. However, for serious cockroach issues, it is advised to seek the help of pest control experts who can offer all-inclusive cockroach control solutions.

Get in touch with Alpha Arabian Pest Control Services for a prompt and effective solution. For all your pest control needs, our dedicated staff is prepared to help. A clean, healthy, and pest-free home is yours when you say goodbye to cockroaches. Contact us today for a consultation and let us restore your peace of mind.

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