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We use a variety of proven methods, such as trapping, chemical treatments, snake repellent powder treatment, and exclusion techniques, to ensure that your property is snake-free. But we don’t stop there! In order to lessen the possibility of future snake infestations, our snake control services also incorporate preventative measures.

We understand that the main food source of snakes is rats and mice, so we also offer rat control services to ensure that your property is free from these pests. Our effective rat control services include rat trapping, installation of rodent bait stations, rat proofing of infested premises, and site surveys with free recommendations.

The Key Reason that indicates Snake Controls are necessary for Dubai.

There are several reasons why snake controls are necessary for Dubai. One of the key reasons is the presence of venomous snakes that pose a threat to human health and safety. Dubai is home to several species of venomous snakes, including the Arabian horned viper, the carpet viper, and the saw-scaled viper.

Another reason is the urbanization and development of the city, which has led to the destruction of the natural habitats of snakes. As a result, snakes are increasingly entering urban areas in search of food and shelter, and they may come into contact with humans.

Moreover, Dubai is a popular tourist destination, and many visitors are not familiar with the local wildlife, including snakes. This lack of knowledge can lead to dangerous encounters with snakes, and snake controls can help to minimize the risk of such incidents.

In addition, snake controls can also help to protect native wildlife, including birds and small mammals, which are prey for snakes. Without proper controls, snake populations can grow unchecked and harm the local ecosystem.

So, Snake controls are necessary for Dubai to protect human health and safety, prevent property damage, and preserve the local ecosystem.

These are some effective strategies for snake control in Dubai:

Eliminating food sources: Snakes are attracted to areas with a high population of rodents and other small animals. By keeping food waste and potential food sources, such as bird feeders, under control, you can reduce the likelihood of snakes coming onto your property.

Sealing entry points: Snakes can enter buildings through small crevices and openings around pipes and wires. Sealing these entry points can help prevent them from getting inside.

Removing standing water: Snakes need water to survive, so removing any standing water on your property can make it less attractive to them.

Using snake repellents: There are several types of snake repellents available, including sprays and granules that can be applied around the perimeter of your property. Some repellents use natural ingredients, such as essential oils, to deter snakes.

Using snake glue boards: These sticky boards can be placed in areas where snakes are known to frequent, such as near entry points or basements. When the snake crawls over the board, it will become stuck and can be safely removed.

Using powdered sulfur: This substance can be sprinkled around your property to irritate the snake’s skin and discourage them from entering.

Using natural deterrents: Some scents, such as smoke, cinnamon, cloves, onions, garlic, and lime, are known to repel snakes. These materials can be placed around your property to make it less attractive to them.

Some common places where snakes may hide:

Near door or window frames: Snakes may use gaps or holes around doors and windows as entry points and hide in the space between the frame and the wall.

On wall ledges: Snakes are known to climb and may use wall ledges or shelves to hide and rest.

Underneath appliances: Snakes may hide underneath large appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, or dishwashers as they provide shelter and warmth.

Around stored boxes: Snakes may use stored boxes or cluttered areas as hiding spots as they provide cover and protection.

Near water pipes: Snakes need water to survive and may hide near water pipes or drainage systems.

Near heat sources: Snakes are cold-blooded animals and may seek warmth from heat sources such as heating units or exposed electrical wires.

Here are some additional tips for controlling snakes:

Keep your surroundings clean: Snakes are attracted to areas where they can find food and shelter. Keep your surroundings clean and free of debris, as this will discourage rats and other potential food sources.

Seal entry points: As mentioned, snakes can enter buildings through holes in the foundation or other entry points. Seal up any gaps or cracks in your home or building to prevent snakes from entering.

Use snake repellents: There are a variety of snake repellents available on the market, including chemical sprays and natural remedies such as mothballs and cinnamon. These can be applied around the surroundings of your home or building to discourage snakes from entering.

Use traps: Live traps can be used to capture and relocate snakes away from your property. However, it is important to release them in a suitable habitat where they will not pose a threat to humans or other animals.

Call in professionals: If you are dealing with a large or persistent snake problem, it may be necessary to call in professional pest control services. These experts can help you identify the species of snake and develop a safe and effective plan for controlling their population.

Alpha Arabian Pest Control, We pride ourselves to provide effective, efficient, and affordable pest control services to our valued clients in Dubai. Don’t let snakes and rodents take over your property – trust Alpha Arabian Pest Control to keep your space safe and secure. Contact us today for more information!

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