Fumigation Services in Dubai

At Alpha Arabian Pest Control in Dubai, you will get a complete Fumigation services to eradicate bugs from your property. We offer commercial, industrial, residential, and container fumigation services. We follow UAE legislation and uphold the highest safety standards. We have many years of practical expertise and completely eradicate bugs from your property..

What is Fumigation?

Fumigation services are a common pest-proofing technique approach used in enclosed places. Pest control methods used during fumigation include spraying, gel and fumigant use. With the help of the fumigation process termites, cockroaches, beetles, moths, weevils, silverfish, bed bugs, and other pests were eliminated Often, it is used alone or with other treatments. For transportation, however, a container must first be fumigated. Fumigation requires skilled and qualified experts because it is a dangerous practice.

Being a hazardous procedure, fumigation requires trained and licensed technicians like Alpha Arabian Professionals. We are the best fumigation provider in Dubai and have a reputation for delivering outstanding results.

The Procedures Followed in Fumigation Services

We used a three-step fumigation procedure to eliminate all pests in your facility.

Step 1: We conduct a site examination to determine the kind and degree of the infestation. Then, we choose a date that works for you to schedule the treatment.

Step 2: On the day of the fumigation, one of our professionals will visit your facility. He will start by sealing the area to make it airtight. After that, he makes sure everything is either gone or sealed. He then fully pumps the fumigants into the confined space while taking all necessary safety precautions. The fumigants are confined in the region according to the level of infection.

Step 3: This step involves adequately ventilating the area to ensure that there are no traces of pesticides in the air once he deems that all of the bugs have been eliminated. Once he confirms, you can use the facility.

Types of Fumigation in Pest Control Service

Structure fumigation is performed within buildings such as homes, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and food processing units for eliminating pests.

Commodity fumigation is performed for eliminating pests from infesting  agricultural produce and shipping containers

At Alpha Arabian, the best Fumigation provider in UAE, we offer the following types of services:


We use safe and effective fumigation techniques to completely eradicate pests and other harmful organisms.

How to Prepare Your Building for Fumigation?

If you are in Dubai and plan to get a fumigation service in Dubai. Here are some precautions you should take:

  1. Remove all food, drink, medicine, animals, pet food, plants, and aquariums from the area to be fumigated.
  2. Remove all drawers and cabinets and leave them open for the fumigant to enter.
  3. Turn off the air conditioner, computer equipment, and other electronic equipment and pull out the power plug.
  4. Make sure there is nowhere for pests to hide.
  5. Check the buildings for trees or branches and for things climbing or crawling on buildings.

As a reliable and experienced fumigation company in Dubai, we understand the importance of safety and take all necessary precautions to ensure that the fumigation process does not harm you or your property.

Fumigants We Use

At Alpha Arabian, the best Fumigation provider in Dubai, we use Phosphine gas (Ph3) fumigation which utilizes chemicals in gaseous forms like Aluminium Phosphide or Magnesium Phosphide. It effectively kills pests in various food commodities such as rice, maize, tobacco, and animal feed. It is available in pallet or tablet form and does not leave any residue after the procedure.

Why Choose Fumigation over Other Methods

Both the liquid and solid forms of pesticides have their limits. Fumigation involves applying insecticides in their gaseous form. It has a greater coverage area and is easily able to go into nooks and cracks. Some benefits of fumigation over other pest control methods include the following:

  • Kills bugs of all kinds and stages of development.
  • High-performance approach for confined environments
  • Fast and durable results
  • It covers a larger area and places where other techniques can’t reach.

One of the best fumigation provider in Dubai, we offer fumigation services for both homes and businesses. Contact our fumigation company in Dubai for the best pest control services available.



Top Fumigation Services

Container Fumigation

Container Fumigation

Container fumigation eliminates pests and insects from shipping containers, preventing them from contaminating goods during transport. This ensures that the products arrive safely and without any pest-related damage or issues.

vessel Fumigation

Vessel Fumigation

Vessel fumigation is a pest control process that involves the use of chemicals to eliminate pests and insects from cargo ships. It is done to prevent contamination of goods and to maintain the hygiene and safety of the vessel.

Food Fumigation

Food Items Fumigation

Food items fumigation is crucial to ensure food safety and quality by eradicating pests and microorganisms. It helps to control and eliminate these organisms and maintain the hygiene of food products.

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